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Corporate Events

Delicious food is a great way to show employee appreciation. Home on the Range Catering cooks on location so the food is at its best when served adding to the festiveness of your event. Your employees will be amazed and grateful when they see what you have done for them. For you, our prices will make you appreciative.

Family Reunions

Family Reunions are a special time for creating memories, developing bonds and sharing life’s experiences. The reunion meal usually sets the tone of the gathering and is talked about all year. Wanting to help make the reunion meal a positive experience can add a lot of pressure to those in charge Let us take the stress away and provide a meal that the family will rave about and look forward to year after year.

Wedding Meals

Weddings are such a joyful and memorable event. The two biggest memories your guests will take away are; how beautiful the bride looked and their thoughts about the food. We take pride in doing our part in helping the guests have wonderful memories of the food the bride and groom provided for them. With Home on the Range Catering the food is cooked on location, adding to the memorable event being served temperature perfect an at its best.

Vegetarian Alternatives

Imagine going to the best BBQ you have ever been too. Everyone is salivating over the delicious food. You look over the beautiful spread set before you and the only thing you can see that you can eat, is the salad. We feel your sadness. We have vegetarian alternatives that will make your meat eating friends envious.

Event Themes

When you here the name; Home on the Range Catering, naturally mouth watering Smoked/Barbecued – Pork, Chicken and Beef comes to mind. With our cooking range and expertise, we can fire up the cooker and prepare other delicious foods for your special event theme.

Allergy Freindly

Sick and tired of being tired and sick. Tired of being sick because of eating something you are allergic to. Tired of not being able to eat things you would really like because you get sick when eating just one of the ingredients in an entree? Well we can’t help everyone enjoy our food, but we can help a large percentage. Many of our Foods are prepared, FREE from Gluten, Dairy, MSG, Soy, Corn, Starch and Sugar and are NO GMO. If they have even one of these ingredients we have entree alternatives when requested.

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Wish I could make my chicken this tender every time! It’s cooked to perfection!

Briahna Nelson

We are always so excited to have you cook our meal. It is always the best!


Love these plates! There is so much food.


I Love the Cheesecake!

I can’t eat enough of it!

Jarin Nelson

That is the Biggest cooker I have ever seen!


The most amazing salmon I have ever had!!!

It was moist and flaky.

Thank you!

Amanda Webb Ellis

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